Sydney Elise’s “Rainy Sundays” is about self-love

Brooklyn-based artist, Sydney Elise is breaking the mould with her unique fusion of R&B, pop, and country. With a background in opera and musical theatre, her musical taste is diverse as felt in her new single “Rainy Sundays”. The mellow solemn tune is a love ballad with elements of country, pop and R&B. Over the slick guitar arrangement, soft percussions and overall nostalgia-inducing textures, Sydney takes time to reflect on the past, present and future during the proverbial rainy Sundays with a touch of introspection. Lines like

Think I know what I want (Think I know what I want)
On rainy Sunday’s I get caught up (Rainy Sunday’s I get caught up)
My head inside these four gray walls (Head inside these four gray walls)
Only my bedroom knows my inner thoughts

Convey her true feelings and how intrusive thoughts can leave one wandering through different memories, whether good or bad. At the end of it all, she comes to terms with the situation and looks within to find solace.

“Rainy Sundays” is taken from her forthcoming EP, Cold Hands Warm Heart.

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