Import Export share a bass-driven, emotive piece of breaks & garage fusion

Import Export’s “Lost Myself” is a masterfully produced UK Garage & Drum and Bass fusion track that sets a new standard for excellence in the genre. The Berlin-based production duo, Josi Miller and Stefan Heinrich, demonstrate their prowess in crafting a sonic masterpiece that leaves a lasting impression.

From the very beginning, the song captivates listeners with haunting vocals that are expertly filtered, accompanied by a subtle synthesizer that gradually evolves into a robust and powerful sound as the drums drive the track to its climactic peak. The attention to detail and the seamless blending of delicate vocals with a dynamic beat showcase the duo’s meticulous approach to production.

Beyond its technical brilliance, “Lost Myself” tells a poignant story of an individual who finds themselves adrift amidst dissatisfaction and the allure of the nightlife. Import Export artfully conveys the overwhelming nature of interpersonal relationships, the numbing of senses, and the subsequent remorse that follows. The lyrics, accompanied by the infectious drum and bass chorus, create a unique fusion that distinguishes the track as more than just a club anthem.

Import Export’s ability to transcend traditional genres is evident in “Lost Myself,” which effortlessly fuses elements of ’90s drum and bass with electronica, creating a timeless sound that thrives in darkness. Josi Miller’s DJing background and Stefan Heinrich’s comprehensive training as a guitarist, bassist, drummer, and producer converge to deliver an innovative and celestial realm of dance music.

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