Innovative hyper-pop talent Deko drops dreamy project ‘nu genesis’

Innovativeproducer, songwriter and rapper Deko has constantly reshaped and reinvented the world of hyper-pop with his fearless, genre-bending combination of sounds – with his new project nu genesis being the perfect representation of his dreamy yet powerful musicality.

The 12-track collection opens with hypnotic stylings of “computer talk,” which sways between glitchy and aggressive with smooth ease, a duality that stretches into the jumpy, video-game-esque instrumentation of “get a grip.”

Mellower melodies start making their way into the project with vibrant feel of “leaving shibuya for once,” perfectly complimented by the soothing soundscapes of following tracks “breathe,” and “courage.”

Deko’s versatility shines bright as no two tracks share any sonic resemblance, each new track pulling us into a new immersive journey. While the sultry “just sayin,” wraps around us with a laid-back vibe, “ruth,” comes alive with a punchiness and an anthemic feel.

Playful yet simple in parts like “idk u,” and more intricate in other offerings like “Gran Turismo,” the album wraps up with the distorted yet atmospheric “no sleep_sweetdreams,”  as he manages to balance his signature fusion of pop, electronic and rap with an intense penchant for experimentation.

A talent who has always been unafraid to explore new frontiers, Deko ascent to stardom began began early in his career when he made an impact as a producer for Atlanta’s esteemed music label, Quality Control Music. Now with plenty more accolades to his name,  a devoted fan base and this latest project, Deko is stepping into a new era of his musicality as he reaches brand new heights.

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