[Interview] Sam Quealy talks embracing chaos, latest single “Watch Me Now,” and debut album

Australian techno-pop sensation Sam Quealy turns up the excitement for her upcoming debut album with captivating new singleWatch Me Now,” an anthemic number that encourages us embrace the chaos that surrounds us.

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Nicknamed the “The techno-pop princess,” Quealy’s signature of unhinged, genre-bending musicality, framed by artistic flair and a magnetic aura has seen her accomplish everything from a remarkable world tour to a name in fashion in just a year.

In conversation with Earmilk, the charismatic star delves into how she embraced chaos in her own life, what to expect from her debut album, the most challenging part of her music making process and much more.

What is the inspiration/message behind “Watch Me Now”?

Watch me now encapsulates the story of the end of the world and ones decision to embrace the chaos with unwavering spirit . I wanted the melody and lyrics  to evoke a sense of urgency , inviting the listener to surrender their fears / anxieties as they are transported into realm of self – empowerment and freedom.

As the world teeters on the brink of oblivion, the protagonist faces a crucial choice: to succumb to the impending darkness or rise above it as the “Queen of the Night.” The titular phrase, “Watch Me Now,” serves as a defiant declaration, a call to attention as the protagonist takes centre stage amidst the chaos.

The theme of the track is to embrace chaos to rise above it. Has there ever been a moment in your life you’ve done the same that you can recount – overcome struggles by embracing it? 

For sure – I think being a foreigner in a new country is constantly providing me with new challenges that I need to overcome. Also with making art/music I feel constantly like I’m being tested but I always try to lean into the chaos.

The track is a precursor to your upcoming album, what can people expect from that?

Yes ! I’m so excited to release my debut album “Blonde Venus “ which is out October 25. I would say people can expect unconventional dance bangers … a little  euro dance… a little melancholia … I would describe it as “ Nasty pop “

How would you say your sound has evolved over time and where do you see it going from here? 

It’s constantly evolving. I’m always inspired by new things when I travel etc so I think this influences my sound. I hope to continue to just improve as a singer :songwriter and I’m learning to produce now too which is cool .

Your music tends to push boundaries when it comes to genres, so if you experiment with any sound or genre in the future what would it be and why? 

I really love cold wave / synth wave right now . I would love to explore this genre too. I also love hardstyle …Very different but would love to try some hardstyle remixes

What’s the most challenging part of the music making process for you and what’s the most rewarding part of it?

For me, the most challenging part of music is actually finishing a song. It’s so easy to continue to start new melodies or ideas…I think I have hundreds of unfinished songs . And I would say with conviction for myself the most rewarding part is performing my songs live and connecting with people .

In terms of your song writing process, do you usually draw inspiration from personal experiences or from stories around you? 

Both ! Some songs such as Follow the night and sad summer daze are from personal experience es but other songs such as KLEPTO is just a fantasy storyline I made up … I’m not actually a kleptomaniac (swear)

What would you say has been the most surreal moment of your career so far and what’s on your bucket list?

I think my most surreal moment would have been at one of my concerts in Berlin where I saw all the front of the crowd singing all the lyrics especially the fast rap and knowing all the words . And my bucket list is like State de france (Which is the biggest venue in Paris) Gotta set the bar high!

If there was a soundtrack to your life which one song – from any artist – would be the perfect fit? 

Let’s dance – David Bowie

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