Ivorian Doll sets the tone with a straight up “Diss To Dillon” [Video]

Germany-born, London, UK-based rapper Ivorian Doll returns with “Diss To Dillon” as she sets off her Doll Freestyle Series. The track sees her in her element and showcases her skill as a rapper who can hold her own as a lyricist. Over the barebones menacing soundscape, Ivorian Doll delivers a plethora of verbal darts toward a certain cheating individual, reminding him that he is not up to par. IVD sure knows the assignment and doesn’t hold back with lines like “disrespect to me, I ain’t the one, come again hoe/ finger up your bum, I made you scream, do your friends know?” and I must add that was just a tip of the iceberg.

The track comes with a performance shot-themed video directed by Aminould that captures Ivorian Doll in her element doing what she knows best. It’s simple, straight forward and the seamless transitions add that gritty flavor to the track.

The Doll Freestyle Series will be a 5 part music release that will drop throughout the year and it aims to show IVD over stripped-back soundscapes focusing on her as the rap don she is.

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Artist Bio: Uprising UK-based rapper Ivorian Doll was born in Germany into a family from Côte d’Ivoire but moved to London, UK when she was just 3 years old. She got into music and dance in high school for the fun of it but over time she developed her sound and started putting out her own songs with a musical partner.

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