Jack O’Neill feels the “Weight of the World” in his new emotional release

NYC based singer/songwriter Jack O’Neill has just unveiled his latest single “Weight of the World”. As a founding member of popular folk rock duo Jackopierce, the songwriter has made fans around the globe who are excited for his new solo project and “Weight of the World” is a highlight off of his forthcoming album.

“Weight of the World” is an autobiographical narrative about changes and transitions in life. For Jack himself it follows what had happened to his favorite NYC pub. The pub was important to him with him and his girlfriend at the time meeting there, frequenting and eventually breaking up at. The pub was torn down and became a bank and Jack felt the sadness and pain in the loss of something he once loved. Lyrics including “Be careful what you want now / It ain’t the weight of the world,” show just how fast things can change. Musically, the track features layered guitars, warm vocals and stunning harmonies. The song is a lush mix of Americana, folk, rock and pop for a heartfelt and sonically pleasing listen.

Jack O’Neill grew up as an army brat who lived in 20+ locations before he graduated high school. The young vagabond found solace in music and acting and moved to Dallas where he formed the band Jackopierce. The duo found massive success touring across the world and shared stages with Sheryl Crow, Alanis Morrisette, and T-Bone Burnett. Following his band, he dived into the corporate world keeping his creativity at bay. Now Jack is back, sharing his important music with the world. Take a listen to his new single “Weight of the World” now and cherish what you’ve got.

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