James Millier reaches out to anyone struggling with loss on “What if this Heart is Empty?”

Emerging British adult contemporary pop act James Millier reaches out to anyone struggling to move on after the loss of a loved on emotive ballad “What if this Heart is Empty?” led by intensely poetic lyrics, soulful folksy vocals and a comforting but catchy soundscape.

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Rooted in a personal family tragedy while still striking a chord with those who’ve been through the same experience, the thought-provoking production written in collaboration with Travis Rue brims with Millier’s blend of adult contemporary pop, folk and country brought together by his intricate song writing prowess and dynamic voice.

Speaking of the inspiration behind the track he says, “After hearing of my relative passing. I begun to think about how her husband must have felt to lose his partner of over 60 years. The guilt he must have felt trying to let go of a life with someone he deeply loved even though there comes a time to move forward.”

Millier who debuted in 2018 to a warm welcome has continued to strengthen his heartfelt musical style as he gears up for the release of his full-length record.

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