Jamie Beale releases studio video for his track “Cherry Cola”

Bath-based musician Jamie Beale concludes the trilogy of his studio session with final live offering “Cherry Cola,” which offers up expansive instrumentation of guitars and pianos alongside wistful lyrics and playful yet emotive vocals.

An exploration of how egos can get in the way of human connection, the track explores the double-edged situation where you’re emotionally attached to someone even as you’re aware that they don’t have your best intentions at heart.

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The pensive track is accompanied by vivid imagery that not only pulls us into the sonic world Beale has built but also drives home the meaningful reflections at the centre of the number.

Encapsulating a moment from when he was going through a breakup, the track balance touches of sadness with undercurrents of hope and acceptance. Speaking of the intent behind the track he says, “I guess for me, I was making sense of the situation within this song, and with that came the clarity needed to walk away.”

After touring Europe with Novatines for a number of years, Beale began experimenting with different styles and genres, bringing poignant song writing together with a dreamy-pop sensibility. Showcasing a new side to his artistry with these stripped-back productions, Beale offers another gift to enthusiastic fans as he prepares to release an acoustic EP called Goodbye Terra, allowing listeners to tune into the live recordings.

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