Jelena Ciric shares powerful EP “Shelters Two” ahead of Iceland Airwaves

Ahead of performing at the iconic Iceland Airwaves festival, Jelena Ciric’s – Shelters Two is a musical journey that resonates with both heart and soul, a testament to the artist’s remarkable talent and her unique blend of influences. Hailing from the enchanting city of Reykjavík, Jelena’s EP has been eagerly anticipated by her fans, and it certainly doesn’t disappoint.

The EP opens with “Rome,” a track that starts with gentle, melancholic piano and vocals, gradually layering strings and intricate production to build to an epic crescendo. It’s a mesmerizing piece that showcases Jelena’s ability to create musical landscapes that are both emotive and grand.

“Other Girls,” the second track, is a stunning acoustic piece that features soft piano chords and Jelena’s captivating vocals. Her precision and control evoke a sense of nostalgia reminiscent of the early to mid-20th century, transporting listeners to a different time.

“Inside Weather” is a composition characterized by harmonious melodies that gracefully intertwine with cello arrangements and subtle percussion, creating cinematic soundscapes that envelop the listener. Finally, “Fig Tree” begins as an a cappella, with soaring melodies that later entwine with delicate violin accompaniments.

Jelena Ciric’s music is a testament to her diverse musical influences, from the folk harmonies of the Balkans to the rich songwriting traditions of North America. The EP is a beautiful and evocative EP that showcases her incredible talent and ability to create music that resonates deeply with the listener.

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