Jensen Interceptor takes listeners on a journey in “Strings Of Fear” EP

Electro’s man of the moment, Jensen Interceptor, brings more heat on his latest EP Strings Of Fear. Released via Pinkman, Strings Of Fear is described as tying “into a journey through fear, confusion, anger, desire and loathing, all fitted into one shot of adrenaline.”

“Leather Athletics” sets a relatively dark tone for the rest of the EP; it’s somewhat more subdued than what we might usually hear from the Australian, but will undeniably still pack a punch on the dance floor. Though it’s more suited to slightly earlier on in the night than peak-time, there’s no doubts it’ll get the wheels turning — in a fine manner at that. “First Day” begins winding things up a notch. As the track unwinds, an air of pent-up frustration lingers. A rumbling bassline, stabs of acid, and vocals which remain indistinguishable until a clear “shut the fuck up” tumbles out, make “First Day” almost epitomise the EP’s journey in one.

Title track “Strings of Fear” is where Mikey Melas’ personal sound really begins to shine through. It’s high-intensity, bouncy, and has a slightly more familiar edge to it. Hovering on the border between almost-eerie and still vibrant, it’s the perfect track to both set the mood with and cause peak-time havoc; the perfect crossover. “Promise” rounds the EP off in spectacular style. Whispering vocals and robotic elements wind together to create an unsettling piece of electro that would hit the spot in a dark basement somewhere.

Strings Of Fear can be streamed and purchased via Bandcamp.

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