Danny Kuttner effortlessly blends soul, jazz & indie-folk on “Try”

Stereofox Records introduces the captivating talent of Danny Kuttner with her evocative and powerful new release, “Try.” Hailing from Amsterdam but rooted in Tel Aviv, Kuttner’s musical journey unfolds with a genre-defying blend of soul, jazz, and indie folk. “Try” symbolizes a second chance at love, crafted intricately through Kuttner’s heartfelt storytelling and honeyed vocals.

The track is a sonic exploration where analog and digital elements seamlessly merge, led by the synergy of a Korg drum machine and electric guitar. As the composition progresses, live-recorded percussion intertwines with lo-fi beats, creating a rich tapestry of sound. Kuttner’s velvety vocals draw listeners into an intimate musical space, while the addition of a male vocal in the latter half adds depth to the narrative.

Self-produced with additional contributions from talented musicians, “Try” showcases Kuttner’s prowess as a songwriter, producer, and collaborator. With its familiar yet intricate melodies, the song resonates as a testament to Kuttner’s ability to create music that transcends boundaries and touches the soul.

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