John Paul White breathes fresh vitality into Fleetwood Mac’s classic “Big Love”

John Paul White has had a colorful and vibrant career to date, having co-founded the acclaimed and Grammy Award winning band, The Civil Wars. Having quickly established a dedicated following, White was lucky enough to experience some truly incredible moments within his musical career which continued into his solo project. His latest chapter finds him partnering with Swedish production outfit Wildo DM to breathe new life into Fleetwood Mac‘s timeless gem, “Big Love.”

His new rendition of “Big love” sees White intertwining his love of Americana, folk, and country influences into the track so create something that is warming, nostalgic and totally spine-tingling. Wildo DM are to thank for this fresh masterpiece, having enlisted White to help recapture the essence of the original song by Lindsey Buckingham. 

White shares, “Revisiting a beloved song was a joy, and collaborating with old friends made it all the more rewarding.” Wildo DM adds, “Because the original has its own place in the world, we needed someone as extraordinarily expressive as Lindsey Buckingham to cover this song. We thought of one of our favorite artists, writer and friend JPW. We knew that his amazing voice would bring a new meaning to the song.”

For a song so loved and cherished by people all over the world, John Paul White and Wildo DM have certainly honored the song admirably. 

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