Julia Bondar thrills the mind on “Inner” (Outro of Industrial Symphony)” [Video]

Barcelona-based Ukrainian Julia Bondar is a multi-faceted songwriter/producer who caught our attention with her unique style of electronic music. Her new release “Inner” (Outro of Industrial Symphony)” is a showing of her skills behind the boards. From the musical pacing, layered instrumentation to the gripping climax, Bondar crosses the I’s and crosses the T’s with her orchestra-inspired cinematic arrangements. 

She punches the dark pads with a 1-note piccolo-type riff and swelling sequences to build-up anticipation and slowly draws us in as the song moves along. To be honest, it feels more like a movie score from a sci-fi thriller and the accompanying visual sure gives it a powerful image. Viewers are put on the edge with the dark solemn aesthetic and lack of bright colors. There are no sudden movements or special visual fx to distract us and the director solely relies on suspense and minimalism from start to finish.

“Inner” is the outro of her LP Industrial Symphony, get it on Spotify here.

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