Just Honest offers unfiltered honesty on debut album ‘No Love No Hate’

Unfiltered rising talent Just Honest shares poignant debut album No Love No Hate, painting a vivid picture of resilience, love, and self-acceptance across an expansive a collection of pop/alternative anthems.

Spanning a myriad of emotions going from excitement and infatuation in opener “curfew with you” to the exploration of insecurities, distancing, bitterness to exploring the transformative power of love on “toxic culture,” and capturing deep sadness and reflection on “I had no parents,” with a heart-rendering glimpse of the artist’s life-long struggle with self-reliance and the absence of parental support, the album weaves yearning and hope into the intensely intimate yet relatable sonic journey that comes alive with complete, raw honesty.

Drawing from an early experience of parental abandonment and fending for themselves, Just Honest has carved out a space for themselves with tender and authentic musical tales, balance gritty truths of the world with a touch of hope and solace.

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