KEANA shares dreamy new single “In My Head (Ah Ah)”

Los Angeles based KEANA has just unleashed her latest addictive single. Called “In My Head (Ah Ah)”, the track follows 2022’s releases of “Cosmic” and “The Fall”.

“In My Head (Ah Ah)” shares the relatable story of two lovers grappling with their relationship in its final moments. The time has come to end the relationship and a mix of disbelief, denial, hope, confusion and sadness often ensues. With lyrics including, “cracking jokes / but you are not laughing / something is going on I’m not grasping,” KEANA is confronting her partner telling them that she understands something is off and that they both need to have an honest conversation about what is going on. Sonically, cloudy soundscapes full of fervor mirror the uncertainty of a troubled relationship. KEANA’s memorable melodies and soul-drenched vocals stick in the listener’s head like the memories of a past lover.

KEANA creates a blissful blend of dream pop, electronic and synth wave for an enthralling listen. The proud East LA native often writes about the hybrid between fantasy and reality. First sharing music in 2020, KEANA is an exciting new artist on the rise, one who shares her deep imagination with listeners around the globe.

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