Madeline Rhodes shares a refreshing anthem for self-care in “Bailing on Your Birthday”

Madeline Rhodes, an artist known for her fearless storytelling and commitment to female empowerment, has released a new single called “Bailing on Your Birthday.” It is a sneak peek into her forthcoming album that delves deep into the complexities of mental health. The song showcases Madeline’s poignant lyricism and melodic prowess and emerges as a refreshing departure from the typical party anthems, urging listeners to embrace self-care and choose their mental health over external pressures.

Madeline’s experiences growing up amidst the challenges of a family plagued by mental illness and addiction have inspired her music. Her debut single, “Free the Nip,” made a mark and established her as a voice for activism in the music industry. With “Bailing on Your Birthday,” Madeline invites listeners into a world where prioritizing mental well-being over societal expectations is acceptable and an act of self-love and resilience.

The song accompanies Madeline’s emotive vocals and a magnetic production that invites listeners to experience the liberating narrative of “Bailing on Your Birthday.” As a seasoned artist with accolades from esteemed publications like The New York Times, Variety, IndieWire, and The Hollywood Reporter, Madeline’s evolution from MuMu to her given name signifies a new chapter in her musical journey.

“Bailing on Your Birthday” is a single that sets the stage for a full-length album that promises to explore the nuances of mental illness as a family disease. The album is slated for release this year 2024 and will offer a glimpse into the emotional landscape that Madeline artfully weaves through her music.

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