KHARTOUM drops gritty alt-rock track “Whatever Helps You Sleep”

London three-piece KHARTOUM explores stepping away from the negative energy in your life on alt-rock number “Whatever Helps You Sleep,” carried by fuzzy guitars, distorted drums and strong vocals crafting something disorderly yet crisp.

Rooted in their evolving exploration of a darker sound and heavier aesthetic, the track details the disintegration of a relationship reflecting on how failed communication leads to the breakdown of respect and appreciation.

Balancing a tongue-in-cheek message about washing your hands off an unfixable relationship with the vulnerability that accompanies the situation, the distorted yet punchy instrumentation captures the stripped back but grittier artistry that the band is leaning towards.

Having transitioned from a quartet to a trio, KHARTOUM is making strides towards more sonic exploration and growth.

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