Kodiak Arcade shares intricate portrayal of relationships on “Another Summer”

In Kodiak Arcade’s latest indie electronica anthem, “Another Summer”, the brainchild and pseudonym of renowned composer Graeme Cornies, skillfully navigates the intricacies of human relationships and the enduring essence of love. Drawing on over 15 years of industry expertise, Cornies, celebrated for his contributions to hit TV shows, takes a contemplative turn with this introspective track.

“Another Summer” isn’t just a musical endeavor; it’s a profound exploration of long-term connections. The track’s delicate, intimate indie electronica serves as a canvas for Cornies’ insightful songwriting, weaving emotive soundscapes and profound lyrics that immerse listeners in the complexities of human connection. The composition is adorned with heartwarming piano chords, intertwining seamlessly with a robust marching beat that propels the track forward. Throughout, a cascade of vocal harmonies resonates in a dreamy, ethereal manner, adding an extra layer of emotion and depth.

Cornies’ says, “I don’t think this song makes a point so much as it asks the question above. I’m not sure this question has a right or wrong answer either. It sometimes strikes me how irrational it is for me to ask anyone to stay with me long-term if I can’t even guarantee who I will be in 10 years. And it’s the same in reverse. It takes some irrational faith to commit to another person to the point where you are building a life together, to say – no matter who we become as individuals – I will try to love that next version of you too.”

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