Pager Drop Hyper-Pop Thrasher “Does Barry Manilow Know That You Raid His Wardrobe?”

Having recently soft-launched their project via SoundCloud, Liverpool-based production duo pager is kicking off a string of 2024 releases with the single “Does Barry Manilow Know That You Raid His Wardrobe?”Drawing on elements of Hyperpop, 2000s Pop-Punk, and Emo, pager‘s sound is nostalgic, but shakes things up with distinctly post-2020 production.

Comprised of childhood friends and former emo-kids, Jay State and Matt Davies, pager was brought together by a shared love of the sonically weird and wonderful. The duo draws inspiration from diverse musical influences to craft a distinct sound. After forming in late 2023, when Jay returned to his native North-West after living in London for several years, the duo instantly knew that their collective penchant for catchy choruses, confessional lyrics, and infectious beats was a match made in (hyperpop) heaven. 

Driven by auto-tune, dodgy software plugins, American Football-style emo guitar riffs, and glitchy vocal chops, the debut single is every bit dynamic and twisting and turning, announcing pager‘s arrival with authority. 

While this marks the pair’s first official release, Jay and Matt have been diligently crafting their sound behind the scenes, building up a formidable back catalog of songs via remote file-sharing and chaotic in-person jams. With several releases planned for 2024, pager are already finding a devoted audience and downloading more than their fair share of viruses.

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