MAUVEY drops off ethereal two-pack ‘ON THE 14th”

MAUVEY has dropped off a new 2-pack, titled ON THE 14th. A Ghana-born artist who grew up in Vancouver, Canada and the UK, MAUVEY’s musical repertoire can be defined as a kaleidoscope of sounds that defy the monotonous limitations of traditional genre classification. Rooted in the grooves of Afro-inclined rhythms and throbbing beats, his music spreads throughout to scratch the surfaces of pop, hip-hop, and electronic landscapes, blending with the richness of rock and the edginess of punk. MAUVEY’s latest offering, ON THE 14th, is an ethereal, melancholic collection of vibrant, genre-bending joints that showcase MAUVEY’s outside-the-box, character-rich sound.

The first track, “ON THE 14th (LOVE X STEREO REMIX)”, harnesses a lush, atmospheric feel through ambient, drifting synth lines, underscored by lively percussion that conjures a vital groove for MAUVEY’s smooth, emotive vocals. His dynamic performance builds and ultimately culminates in an infectious hook that is accentuated by warm guitar strumming. The second cut, “ON THE 14th (JON MILK REMIX)”, brings in rich house grooves, infectious synth bass stabs, and pulsating percussion that underscores MAUVEY’s dream-like vocals sleekly.

His EP, ON THE 14th, acts as a love letter to his fans, a sentimental sonnet that highlighted the wide range of emotions that music can evoke. Each of these two tracks represent a reflection, each melody a memory, linked by passionate strands that build a story detailing MAUVEY’s internal world.

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