Kris Baha explores social media’s influence on “Nothing is Real”

Berlin-based industrial techno/synth punk act Kris Baha announces an EP under his new moniker Ghosts In The Machine with fierce single “Nothing is Real,” led by gritty vocal tones layered over distorted sonics for a punchy exploration of social media’s influences on society.

With a topical theme revolving around AI taking over the world, the track has a foreboding vibe that encapsulates the sci-fi concept that Ghosts In The Machine is rooted in.

Speaking of the inspiration behind the Ghosts In The Machine project, Baha explains that delves into a world,“set in two timelines, a future looking back to the now and how we could have corrected our society before the AI take over, stripping away our souls, becoming Ghosts In The Machine.”

A renowned talent with a loyal fanbase, Baha who has carved a space in electronic music across the world with his alluring combination of powerful industrial and psychedelic toneshas taken a new step in his artistry with Ghosts In The Machine.

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