Kwun drops gentle debut single “Supernatural”

UK singer-songwriter and producer Kwun delves into human connection and consciousness on debut single “Supernatural,” which blends thought-provoking song writing with a melodic instrumentation and gentle vocals.

Crafted to get listeners to reflect upon and looker beyond the commonly held beliefs that permeate society, the soothing and uplifting number leaves us feeling good about ourselves as well as the world around us.The atmospheric and comforting feel of the soundscape is elevated by the accompanying Attenborough-inspired filmed in picturesque Tulum Beach and Punta Laguna in Mexico, transporting us through sonics and visuals alike.

Infused with healing touches and plenty of wisdom, the track establishes Kwun as an emerging talent we can turn to in our downtrodden moments, as he leaves us in anticipation of his forthcoming album Ancient Ageless & True.

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