La Need Machine shares their latest jam “I Wish I Could Fly”

La Need Machine‘s latest jam “I Wish I Could Fly” shows off how seamlessly they mix together Indie Pop, Alt Country, classic rock, Americana and Melodic Punk into something that just works. The song goes from a chill vibe in the verses to an epic singalong chorus, with soulful vocals over rich layers of instruments. It’s a cool musical blend that’s hard to pin down to one genre.

The raw, from-the-heart singing hits you in the feels, while the music creates a vibrant background. La Need Machine does their own thing by mashing up different styles into something new and “I wish I Could Fly” invites you into the bands musical world where rules don’t seem to apply.

As La Need Machine keeps pushing boundaries with their fearless innovative sound, it’s clear they’re a rising force in the indie scene doing something different than your average band. Tunes like this show they’ve got their own distinctive vibe that stands out.

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