LARA D uncovers the truth beneath the superficial in “A.T.M. (All The Money)” [Video]

LARA D is a 21-year-old pop artist who dives beneath the surface on her thought-provoking new music video for her anthem “A.T.M. (All The Money)”. Since its release, the track has already received upwards of 1 million streams on Spotify. “A.T.M. (All The Money)” calls out the deceptive nature of wealth and how people can be swayed by materialistic motives.

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With decadent harmonies swimming beneath the surface of transcendent vocals and mesmerizing riffs, “A.T.M.” keeps both feet on the ground with a grippingly real performance from LARA D. She sings, “Life takes you through changes / most people would change if you paid them all the money in the world.” The music video for “A.T.M.” captures a fascinating scene that unfolds in a nightclub bathroom. As LARA D serenades the bathroom mirror, traffic drifts in and out behind her of wanderers searching for purpose. “A.T.M. (All The Money)” shines a light on the damaging effects of selling out over ruminative sonics that echo through the atmosphere.

LARA D is a Moroccan-Lebanese artist based in Australia who uses her roots to inform her perspective as a musician. She uses her imaginative sound of pop-tinged R&B to illuminate truths about her generation. Watch “A.T.M. (All The Money)” now for LARA D’s explosive new release.

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