Las Vegas rapper Wes On Acid releases his anticipated new album, 'Gothica'

Patience and perseverance are two things that are necessary in order to succeed in music. Hailing from Las Vegas, rising artist Wes On Acid has those locked down. After splashing onto the local scene on the back of a few solid singles, Wes put his head down for a few years and solely focused on his development as an artist. Throughout that time, he sharpened his tools and became not only a better rapper, but a more efficient artist in general as his skills as an engineer, producer and songwriter had grown equal to the talents he had already showcased. Looking to highlight his growth, he returns with his introspective ten-track project, Gothica.

Clocking in at 31-minutes, Gothica is a reflective and moody album that finds Wes tackling many of his demons on wax. As previously mentioned, one of the more impressive things about this project is that, for the most part, it was mixed, mastered, produced and engineered by Wes himself. Though the notion in itself is impressive, it becomes even more intriguing once you listen to the album and hear how put together it really is. Sonically, the album’s production often relies on brooding synths and down-tempo drum patterns, which typically forces a particular pace. Instead, Wes does a brilliant job of bucking that cliché, instead sequencing the tracks to feel a bit more genuine next to one another, as opposed to just sounding similar.

Standout tracks on the project include “Be My Ends,” one of the more up-tempo records that highlights Wes’ knack for melodic progression, “Blood Moon,” a temperamental track that showcases his potential as a vocalist and “Blue Velvet.” Featuring fellow Las Vegas native, Asaiah Ziv, “Blue Velvet,” finds Wes in his most comfortable pocket, putting together all of the aforementioned things for a wonderful performance. It’s worth noting that his chemistry with Ziv is worth a bit more exploration on both sides as the two seamlessly fit on the track with one another.

Take a listen to Gothica below and get familiar with Wes On Acid.

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