Leona Berlin finds her true self in “WHO?” [Video]

Berlin-based singer and producer, Leona Berlin is a genre-bending artist whose debut eponymous album saw her break the creative mould in every form. She has since collaborated with names like Snoop Doog, Casey Benjamin, Gregory Hutchinson, and Karriem Riggins and has performed at various stages like Women of the World Festival, TEDx, and Xjazz Festival. She also released her sophomore album Change in 2021 and is currently working on her third album but in the interim, she shares the lead single “Who?”. The track explores the tragedy of an artist who is struggling with their identity and purpose. Armed with her rich and commanding melodic vocals and stylish rap-infused style, Leona delivers a resounding performance over the dark and melancholic backdrop laid before her.

From self-doubt, fear and the need for validation, Leona explores these different facets of life with lines like “Is it the fear to regret/Not living my ambition, not giving my best/ Looking back on a life of hesitation/Crying quiet tears on my death bed” but she is not the type to wallow in her sorrow and she ultimately finds her voice and reasserts her self on the chorus when she sings “Who am I doing this for?/Going back to the root To purify”.

The visuals make use of several performance shots with cinematic and scenic shots that show viewers the true Leona. The use of wide and close-angle shots encapsulates her struggles and it slowly builds up to a crescendo at the end when she taps into her inner strength.

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