Lexy Panterra debuts sultry video for “Depend on You” featuring NBA Sun’s Torrey Craig [Video]

“Depend on You” by Lexy Panterra is a sultry and empowering anthem that encourages listeners to take control of their lives and relationships. The song showcases Panterra’s confident vocals and dynamic musical style. The song opens with a pulsing beat and catchy synth melody, setting the stage for Panterra’s powerful vocals to take center stage. From the very first verse, it’s clear that this is a song about self-empowerment and independence. Her lyrics are both relatable and empowering, reminding listeners that they have strength and resilience.

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As the song progresses, the music builds to a soaring chorus that is sure to get listeners dancing and singing along. The chorus is simple but effective, with Panterra repeating the refrain “I just can’t depend on you.” This repetition drives home the message of the song home.

One of the standout features of “Depend on You” is Panterra’s confident and powerful vocals. She has a rich and soulful voice that is perfectly suited to this type of empowering anthem. Her delivery is full of passion and energy, and she effortlessly navigates the highs and lows of the song’s melody.

Another strength of the song is the production, which is both polished and dynamic. The beats and synths are crisp and catchy, creating a sense of momentum and energy that propels the song forward. The production also features some clever musical flourishes, such as the use of a vocoder to add a robotic effect to Panterra’s vocals during the bridge.

The accompanying music video for “Depend on You”  is a visually striking work of art that features NBA Sun’s star Torrey Craig. Throughout the video, she uses a variety of visually stunning techniques to create a sense of movement and energy. There are shots of Panterra celebrating on a rooftop, surrounded by the glittering lights of the city skyline, and scenes of her getting ready in front of a wall of mirrors, creating a sense of reflection and self-discovery as she breaks through heartbreak and moments of tears.

Lexy Panterra’s latest track, “Depend on You,” is being released in two different versions, Pt.1 and Pt.2. The first version is a slow and seductive track that showcases Panterra’s soulful vocals, while the second version is a high-energy electronic remix that will have listeners dancing all night long. Pt.2 will be exclusively released as an NFT through the innovative platform Sound XYZ, which adds another layer of interest to the song. This makes it a unique and collectible item that will be highly sought after by both fans of Lexy and the electronic music scene.

“Depend on You” is a strong and empowering song that showcases Lexy Panterra’s impressive vocal talent and dynamic musical style, and it’s sure to become a favorite among fans and new listeners alike.

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