Jwalt releases a new charming track “Don’t Fight It”

Oakland artist Jwalt drops a love poem in the form of a new song called “Don’t Fight It.” 
Jwalt has released impressive music filled with impressive substance for such a young age. Earlier this year, he dropped an album called Yours Truly, which had many fascinating tracks. His new song “Don’t Fight It” also leaves a lasting impression. 
Intelligently structuring the track, “Don’t Fight It” opens up with a conversation between Jwalt and his love interest, getting us invested in what’s going to happen next. When he starts rapping, we feel his vulnerability and openness to love, which automatically forms a connection to the music. Telling a love story through intense words and songwriting, this artist brilliantly expresses that he doesn’t want to keep fighting against love. Instead, the poetic lyrics show us how he hopes to fall in it. His catchy rhymes coupled with the wordplay keeps us wanting more. With the perfect pitch and such a smooth voice, Derek King instantly touches our hearts and makes for a beautiful addition to this track. Both of these artists’ voices together combined with the fun and upbeat sounds perfectly mirror the excitement of a potential new-found love. 
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