Lisa Remar shares hyper pop banger “WOKE UP EARLY”

Japanese/American singer/songwriter and NYC native Lisa Remar has just shared her latest emotive single. Called “WOKE UP EARLY”, the track is the first of this year from this riser following last year’s EP hi…

With “WOKE UP EARLY”, Lisa Remar has crafted a hyper pop song all about coming out of one’s cocoon of isolation rejuvenated and ready to embrace love. Lyrics including, “I want to be with you again / I want to be more than just friends / I want to fall with you again,” show just how open the artist is to experiencing lust and connection after a period of being on her own. Musically, “WOKE UP EARLY” intoxicates with Lisa Remar’s gorgeous hushed lush vocals over sporadic colorful beats and stacked rhythms.

The songwriter effortlessly blends alt R&B, pop, folk and more for a decadent sonic whirlwind. First beginning to release music in 2020, Lisa Remar has received much critical acclaim for her melancholic- rich and sentimental releases. Take a listen to “WOKE UP EARLY” now and add the song to your favorite playlist.

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