South London-based duo PELA will get you lost in a sonic daydream of “Reverie”

Two months ago we introduced South London-based duo PELA who joined the streaming sphere with their debut single “You Got Me” which was crafted as a mood enhancer and morale booster. Today the pair return with a soft on the ears single “Reverie” which was first introduced to me as a concept by Tom Misch, who has a similarly titled EP. Reverie when defined speaks to being lost in a daydream. Layered with fizzy electronics, glittering melodies, and featuring a sleek sax appearance, the single is a blissful slice of escapism. 

Lead singer Hannah Coombes’ honeyed vocals sit atop dreamy electronic pop soundscapes created by Olly Shelton, the other half of the enticing duo. In simple terms, it feels like alluring electronica with soul and sprinkled with funk elements like the perfectly placed background saxophone. “A lot of love went into Reverie,” explains the duo.

Over email they shared, “Both in terms of the time, it took to get the sound and the way we both feel towards it. We had 4 or 5 different versions with different vocals/productions, each with unique endpoints. We landed on this version as it captures what the song is about – a dreamlike state. Dom Walker is on the sax, he’s pretty much an honorary PELA member and really added a lot to this one.” We look forward to more from this pair, for now sit back, relax and give yourself permission to get lost in space and time. 

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