Lit Reeezy shares poignant new single, “For Them We Stand”

Las Vegas musician Lit Reezy has shared an engaging new single titled “For Them We Stand”, featuring Andy. Of Persian origin, Reeezy’s father was a composer which influenced him to pursue music early on, and since then he has been building an expansive discography of solo and collaborative work. The 18 year-old artist has been steadily carving a lane for himself within the industry with his impactful bars and his infectious sound that often flirts with heavy, driving percussion contrasting with atmospheric synth lines. His latest song, “For Them We Stand” contains airy, emotionally resonant sonics underscoring Reeezy’s powerful vocal performance, which demonstrates his range and versatility as a vocalist. Topically, he presents a poignant, necessary theme as he dedicates the song to all of the women in Iran facing oppression, as well as any other people facing oppression and fighting for their basic human rights.

“For Them We Stand” opens with expansive keys and glistening synths that underscore the song’s potent, emotive vocal performance. As swirling layers of pads and bouncy, immersive percussion add depth to the song, Reeezy showcases his versatility as he drops into a swift, dynamic flow that rides the beat smoothly, as he delivers heartfelt lines as a tribute to women in Iran fighting for their freedom, as well as others around the world doing the same.

The latest from Lit Reeezy and Andy, “For Them We Stand” carries a necessary, impactful message and provides a memorable listen.

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