Liza exudes confidence on intricate and ambitious ‘The Alternate Ending’

Ethiopian-Canadian singer/songwriter Liza exudes confidence on intricate and ambitious The Alternate Ending, a six-track collection that alternates between hushed intimacy, delicate introspection, and climactic catharsis.

From the emotive arrangement of opener “Shades,” to the energised rhythms and grooving bass lines of “Gasoline,” featuring a vast orchestral string ensemble for the delicacy of “I’m On You,” and the atmospheric stylings of “Alternate Ending,” the EP navigates between confidence and vulnerability led by her neo-soul musicality and unfiltered songwriting.

Speaking of the album, Liza says “‘The Alternate Ending’ delves into the realms of possibility, exploring the divergent paths that could have unfolded and the myriad “what if” scenarios that might have shaped your journey differently.”

With a sultry R&B style that allures us across each luscious note, Liza establishes herself as neo-soul royalty. 

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