London act Rory Carney drops nostalgic pop anthem, “Dreaming Through My Prime"

London musician Rory Carney drops pop anthem, “Dreaming Through My Prime,” a relatable exploration of feeling like you haven’t achieved everything you set out to. With Carney’s deep vocals layered over a rich soundscape of earthy drums and bass woven with hazy guitars, synths and organs, the track evokes nostalgia within its nuanced instrumental amalgamation of indie and punk.

Building a catchy chorus around a lyrically driven heart, the single which was written, produced and composed by Carney draws us with a delicate combination of melodies and imagery that’s comforting and upbeat in perfect halves. “Dreaming Through My Prime” taps into the multi-faceted artist’s ability to craft dreamy sonic worlds grounded in reality. Taking us through the worries of feeling inadequate, breaking down any lingering anxieties with an infusion of positivity with the message that downsides don’t matter as long as you’ve enjoyed your life.

Consistently delivering emotive pop that strikes a chord with his listeners, Rory Carney’s latest production follows “In The Shine,” his most successful release to date, and proves to be another notch in his dynamic career. With more music to come, “Dreaming Through My Prime,” is a soulful milestone in the rising singer and producer’s musical journey.

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