Electronic pop duo Kllo share poignant dance single “Still Here”

Kllo is the creative collaboration of Melbourne cousins Chloe Kaul and Simon Lam. The electronic pop duo return with their first single of the year “Still Here” along with an accompanying video. It’s the lead single off their newly announced sophomore LP Maybe We Could out July 17th.

On “Still Here,” the pair deep dive into emotive dance music that reveals vulnerability ever step of the way. Kaul’s lithe vocals resonate with honesty and yearning. The production here pulls from dancefloor rhythms, but the subdued tempo quickly reveals much more to grasp onto. This latest endeavor is a strong showcase of sonic exploration, demonstrating Kllo’s leap in their experimental artistry. Thematically, “Still Here” travels to the depths of a relationship on the verge of emotional combustion and the deep examination of how to mend a fraying situation. With a romance on the brink of expiration, “Still Here” relates to the three Ds– doubts, desires, and decisions. For listeners, the track teeters between a sensory exploration and an emotional engagement.

The accompanying music video, directed by Matt Sav and shot in Perth, was shot entirely on 16mm film. “I wanted the video to be a poetic depiction of two people staying in a relationship beyond its logical end. I explored the interplay between love, obsession, imagined futures, lived pasts and the insanity that can be found in between,” says Sav in an email. “In our relationships, especially without good definitions around what love really means to us, we find the edges of freedom and responsibility blurring.”

Kllo’s forthcoming record Maybe We Could is a follow-up to their 2017 debut Backwater and will be released through Ghostly International.

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