Luchi drops upbeat, fun and sassy track “You’ll Hurt More”

Glasgow-born singer/songwriter Luchi delivers upbeat, fun and sassy track “You’ll Hurt More,” which subverts the concept of being heartbroken after a breakup. Led by a soulful vocals that sweep over an anthemic pop instrumental, the refreshing track brings in a positive and confident vibe.

Featuring an emotive piano part bolstered by the textures of bass,  guitars and  echoing snares, is brought alive as an anthemic yet heartfelt number by Luchi’s evocative vocal style.

Speaking of the inspiration and message behind the track, he says, “This single is a bit different to what I’ve released recently. I wanted to show that I am multi-layered as a writer and artist and it’s not all vulnerable sad songs.”

Inspired by the end of his own relationship, the intimate but relatable track empowers us to find happiness at the idea of starting fresh instead of focusing on the heartbreak and loss of a breakup.

Having written his first songs aged 13, Luchi’s songwriting prowess has grown with each new creation, with “You’ll Hurt More,” showcasing his versatility as he prepares to carve out a distinct space for himself within music.

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