Mardiana delves into wanting to be someone’s rock on “Dance Alone”

Malaysian singer-songwriter-producer Mardiana transports us into a world of empowerment and self-exploration on “Dance Alone,” reflecting the sentiment of wanting to be someone’s rock because you love them.

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A vibrant and energetic electro-pop anthem woven together by a contemplative theme of loneliness, the track showcases a stunning blend of danceable beats and poignant emotions. Moving between of sped-up and slowed-down elements, the innovative track draws inspiration from vintage video games and the surreal feeling of being lost in a crowded party to surprise us on every note.

Honing in on her ability to craft introspective yet infectious productions, this latest offering sees Mardiana gear up for a banging year with multiple releases lined up including a second EP and album in the works.

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