Marie Noreger releases the groovy left-field R&B single “DDVS”

Norway’s Marie Noreger releases “DDVS,” the title-track from her new EP Discodoll in the Velvet Suit. Promising a multitude of sonics that draw on a number of influences, the single captures a genre-fluid blend of dancey R&B that prominently positions Noreger as a key artist to have on your radar.

Featuring silky pads and cushioned sonics on the gloriously jazzy title track,”DDVS,” is an outburst of sultry bass and groovy sonics. Co-written with Grammy award winner Autumn Rowe, the single speaks of freedom and escapism — something we all still very much seek. With rich vocals and a tapestry of sultry notes, the lustrous left-field single draws on Noreger’s craftmanship of fusing intricate sounds with heartfelt lyrics.

Perfected for the late night dancefloor groove, Noreger navigates the world around her with a laidback gaze. Setting sail on silky R&B waters, “DDVS” showcases the very best of the Norweigan artist. A colourful, melodic number that promises to evoke emotion, the single is a must-listen this year.

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