Mark Amor celebrates companionship on pop anthem “Company"

Self-taught guitarist, producer and vocalist Mark Ambor celebrates the joy of companionship on pop anthem “Company,” crafted upon a soothing bed of gentle vocals and bright synths.With echoing beats infused with touches of piano and the warmth of Ambor’s voice, the track is a celebration of ourselves and each other as it draws us into the simple idea that life is always when we have each other.

Born out of quarantine when Ambor was missing everyone important in his life, the uplifting production takes inspiration from the singer’s personal experiences yet weaves an expansive narrative with a sentiment that most of us can relate to, especially after the past year.

Having been around music for most of his life, the 23-year-old emerging indie talent has constantly honed his talent. From learning piano as a seven-year-old to capturing hearts through his personable music style on highly streamed single “The Long Way,” Mark Ambor continues his ascent, moving quickly to cement his status in the pop scene.

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