Emily Henry unveils her evocative new single “The Sound” [video]

Emily Henry has unleashed her new single and video for “The Sound”. Her bold vocals push forward atop piercing rhythmic arrangements creating something completely mesmerizing. The track is all about making every moment count and that sense of urgency can really be felt. The accompanying video tells a compelling tale of self-doubt. 

The DC-based singer-songwriter is known for her elevated blend of electro and  indie pop. Evoking vibes of Sylvan Esso and Marian Hill, the moody tone of the track and video is truly haunting. Portraying a spy in their hotel room expecting a letter, the visuals for "The Sound" depicts the anxiety of the wait weighing down on her. The offering also features emotive dancers adding to the visuals’ intensity.

Henry has possessed a deep love for storytelling and fantasy ever since she was young. “The Sound” showcases that love for creating narratives. Henry confides, “The music video imagines a spy awaiting a message, wrestling with paranoia about her chosen line of work.  Her complicated emotions are physically represented throughout the video by dancers Cat Gloria and Ian Edwards.” Check out the innovative single and video now.

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