Marlow doesn’t want it to be “Over” in new single

Marlow is the moniker of British artist Freddie Marlow. Collaborating with four other musicians and friends, Marlow has just released “Over,” a beautifully emotional track about desperately trying to cling onto someone or something. Described by the singer as “a plea to another to hold on,” you can hear the raw passion and despair in his vocals. 

As well as Freddie’s warm, sentimental voice, “Over” features glistening synths, melodic keys and a driving rhythm section, creating an overall uplifting atmosphere, spearheaded by hope and optimism. 

“Over” is off of Marlow’s upcoming EP due later this year. The EP also includes “I’m Not Leaving” which further showcases the band’s ability to create feel-good yet reflective music which encourages listeners to look at their accomplishments and how they have navigated and overcome the ups and downs in their lives. 

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