Matilda Bond explores love languages on heartwarming number “Meanwhile”

Brighton-hailing act Matilda Bond explores love languages on heartwarming number “Meanwhile,” led by groovy bass, booming beats and vibrant guitar lines all coming together as a backdrop to ethereal neo-soul vocals.

Striking a balance between contemporary and classic with an intricate soundscape that merges jazz progressions with soulful vocals, the diverse act reflect on how we all give, perceive and respond to love in different ways, taking us on a loving journey through expressions of affection in various forms.

With emotive lyricism such as “Spend a little time with you baby, I only give it to you,” and “Show a little love, I’ve been falling under waves,”  the track encourages us to take time to connect with people in our lives and show them our love in whatever way we can.

Having developed a genre-bending artistry that combines enchanting alternative soul with urban touches of R&B and hip-hop, Matilda Bond continues to push sonic boundaries with ease and finesse on each new release.

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