Meghan Pulles shares a heartfelt anthem “mamma”

Talented indie-Americana artist Meghan Pulles has recently released her latest single, “mamma,” a soul-stirring track from her newest album, “ear baby.” With her signature blend of raw lyrics and captivating melodies, Pulles invites listeners to dive deep into their emotions and confront generational traumas that can only be explored through music.

“mamma” is a powerful and poignant song from Pulles’ experiences. It delves into the intricate complexities of the inner child connection and the profound impact parental emotional absence can have on an individual’s life. This track resonates deeply with those who have faced the heart-wrenching struggle of seeking understanding and solace from parental figures who cannot provide the support needed during trying times.

The “ear baby” album serves as a vessel of emotional catharsis, addressing the deep-seated impact of generational trauma within families. “mamma” emerges as a standout single on this album and encapsulates the essence of seeking validation, love, and reassurance from the people who are meant to provide it unconditionally.

Meghan Pulles is a renowned storyteller whose music offers a transformative experience that transcends mere entertainment. “mamma” is a heartfelt phone call to the heart, a musical embrace to those who have navigated the labyrinth of feeling abandoned by those expected to cherish them.

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