minimum champion drops debut single “Strangers” from EP ‘The Follower’

Solo act minimum champion drops debut single “Strangers,” an indie alt-rock anthem that primes us for his debut EP The Follower. The solo project of STFLR frontman Nick Lopardo,the single represents his return to the music he grew up, with the EP being a collection showcasing his sonic growth and confidence.

“Strangers,” which also features Nick’s cousin Dan DelVecchio (Don’t Believe in Ghosts) on guitars and Ray Marte (Moon Tooth) on drums is only one glimpse of the passion and skill that has become the driving force of Lopardo’s artistry.

Lopardo, who has been writing the songs over the course of the past 15 years finds himself blossoming as minimum champion with this debut project, which sees him letting go of the fear that held him back from experimenting and going at music on his own, with all the success he is deserving of.

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