Middle Part encourages people to let it all out in his new single “& Cry”

Brooklyn artist Middle Part drops the first single off of his upcoming EP. The synth heavy song, “& Cry” speaks about the importance of not resisting your emotions and to let them take their course. Middle Part, a.k.a Andrew Selkōw, explains how bottling your feelings up will only make things worse and that the best way to move forward is to simply let it all out. “& Cry” shimmers with jangly guitars, dreamy synths and laid-back vocals, creating a mesmerizing release.

The new song, which finds inspiration from the likes of Smashing Pumpkins, delves into relationship issues and finding the balance between expectations vs reality. Selkōw explains, “I think it’s supposed to be a very romantic plot but it has this dark side of not being entirely there if that makes sense. You want all these things, you think it’s great, but you’re mentally unfit to take it on. You don’t understand why, so just cry, it’s okay…I’m here.”

“& Cry” is just a taste of what we can expect off of his EP I Wish I Was Alive. A collection of personal songs which talk about Selkōw’s own experiences with his mental health and the hurdles he has crossed in life. Written in the deepest depths of Alaska, Selkōw moved to the mountains to find inner-peace and to allow his creativity to have no boundaries. The six-track release is an inspiring look at how you can truly overcome whatever life throws at you.

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