MOLTENO delves into the stifling experience of lockdown in “Our house is on fire"

Rising artist MOLTENO drops new single “Our house is on fire,” tinged with the anxiety of when home doesn’t feel like home anymore. In a compelling sonic combination bringing hazy synths together with catchy beats, the dreamy alt-pop track which was written during the first UK lockdown is a deeply emotive offering rooted in MOLTENO’s softly haunting vocals.

Wispy and light, yet thrumming with raw power, the vocal delivery lends a billowing gentleness to the sturdy foundation of the track’s melancholic instrumental. A production which likens the pandemic enforced self-isolation to the uncontrolled changes which are part of life.

Imagining lockdown as a home that boxes you in within its inescapable confines, MOLTENO’s poetic lyricism narrates how the previously comforting quietness of her studio near her hometown of Stroud turned stifling. “I wanted to explore the way homes can feel inescapable in periods of change like relationship breakdowns or family dysfunction," she says, "like the house is slowly burning.”

Creatively juxtaposing feather-light vocal harmonies with a heavy sense of eeriness from moody guitar riffs, the track settles a suffocating experience that makes you feel like the only person in the world, as MOLTENO remembers moments of looking up at the sky and seeing no planes, of deafening silence that burns its brand of loneliness into you.

The multi-talented creative whose imaginations span from music production to fashion, establishes her ability to weave immersive audio-visual tapestries with this latest release, threaded intricately with a convergence of dream pop, alt R&B feels and trip hop beats.

With a lot of new music to look forward to from this rising star, MOLTENO’s otherworldly music soars with the surrealism of her futuristic touch while simultaneously being grounded by the realism of her authenticity, thus leaving you wanting more.

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