MONTE looks at their own inner demons with “Dysfunctional Mess”

Brooklyn based rock meets punk trio MONTE have just shared their latest single and it is an invigorating one. Called “Dysfunctional Mess”, the track is the second single off of their upcoming full length album. The threesome collaborated with a powerhouse creative team including two time Grammy Award nominated mixer Dan Malcsh (Ghost, A7X) and Jeremy Kinney (Fletcher).

With “Dysfunctional Mess”, MONTE creates a song all about a dysfunctional relationship and the aftermath of a toxic breakup. Instead of blaming the other person though, the band looks inward. Lead singer and guitarist Caitlin Montclare shares that the song “rose from the ashes of a bad break-up. But don’t get it twisted, this is more than your typical ex-lover diss track. It’s about taking yourself back, knowing who you are, and coming out of a toxic situation more knowledgeable and grown.” Lyrics including, “I wish I could have seen the worse / before I saw the best in you / I’m not the reason you don’t want me,” show that she is aware of her part in becoming involved with the wrong person but at the same time she understands her worth. Musically, “Dysfunctional Mess” entices with pitch black metal inspired guitar riffs and heavy basslines that thrill with every note. Caitlin’s powerful and confident vocals are ferocious and hard hitting, mirroring the song’s narrative of self realization and inner power.

MONTE was formed in 2017 by singer and lead guitarist, Caitlin Montclare along with drummer and engineer, Ismael Baiz, and bassist Meghan Rose. The prolific touring band has played over 50 shows all around the US, exciting audiences with their rousing and dynamic performances. With a diverse array of influences including Motörhead, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, NOFX, Bad Religion, and The Offspring, the band creates their own rip roaring genre mixing blend. Take a listen to “Dysfunctional Mess” now and share this gem with those you love.