Rican Da Menace drops visual for new single, “I Admit It” [VIDEO]

Baltimore rapper Rican Da Menace challenges her haters with back-to-back jabs on latest single, “I Admit It”. The accompanying music video follows the rapper on a late-night cruise in her Lamborghini. Touting an iced-out “Rican” Cuban link chain, Dolce & Gabbana matching set, and naturally glowing skin she is serving an effortless slay both in looks and lyrics.

“I Admit It” has a hype trap beat with a simple bass riff. She spits bar after bar blending into the next with a catchy rhyme scheme. Each verse proclaims a new fact of why she stays winning. She subtly ties in the track’s namesake throughout by saying, “I admit it.” Her flow has a freestyle vibe gliding with the treble of the beat. She raps, “If I see you again, Imma tell you what’s up then block you, b**** bye / I don’t argue with b****** that brag about Mexico, b**** I’m in Dubai.” With each bar comes a new confession of why she’s winning.

Rican Da Menace has cultivated a steady following on social media along with avid listeners. Comments on her music videos range from calling her the most underrated out to multiple flame emojis. Combining her bold energy and sharp flow, it is only a matter of time before Rican is a major player in the rap game.

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