Izza releases pop-punk anthem, “United States of Robbery”

In a world inundated with trends and societal pressures, the artist Izza stands as a beacon of unapologetic individuality and empowerment. Hailed by Genius as the “digital generation’s superstar,” Izza’s music is a call to arms for listeners to break free from conformity and embrace their true selves. Izza’s music is more than just catchy tunes; it’s a movement. She weaves messages of self-love and vulnerability into her music, urging everyone to embrace their flaws and imperfections. In a world that often shies away from authenticity, Izza’s music serves as a reminder that being true to oneself is a revolutionary act.

Her latest single, The United States of Robbery, showcases her versatility and talent. Perfectly crafted with replays in mind, Izza’s latest hit is a catchy pop-punk anthem. Hard-hitting 808s and memorable synth stabs meet not-so-forgettable lyrics, with a chorus that is *literally* about crime (so if you’re building a playlist for your next 14-hour GTA session, this is the song for you). From the start, the track absolutely hits – with very strong Taylor Swift meets 2010 Kesha vibes. It has everything a pop anthem should – a top-tier mix, melodies that bury themselves into your brain, and a variety of fun vocals – plus, it’s aggressive. Not to mention the chorus (again). Lyrics like “Cause a crash, break the glass, and they get out/It’s a five finger discount” so easily steal the spotlight, and won’t be easily forgotten. The United States of Robbery is easy-going, and an all-around blast to listen to – and makes Izza an artist to keep an eye on.

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