Morray stays hot with new single “Big Decisions”

Morray hasn’t let off the gas since his breakout hit, “Quicksand”, which was released last October. The track has reeled in more than seven million streams on Spotify and has even earned a cosign from fellow Fayetteville rapper J. Cole. Since then, Morray has been consistently dropping melodic rap songs, with “Big Decisions” continuing his hot streak. 

Morray · Morray – Big Decisions

Morray’s melodic delivery is assisted by a simple looping guitar and some bouncy drums. The stripped-back production allows for his vocal delivery and lyrics to stand at the forefront. “Big decisions”, like many of Morray’s recent tracks, is an emotional and personal story. He touches on making the right choice, broken friendships, and his struggles. He’s conflicted, as he often feels he should be wiser and make better choices, but the “wrong way” is still so hard to resist. On top of this, he raps about the pressure he feels to support the people he cares about, making his temptations with decisions even more important.

Despite documenting his personal struggles, Morray’s music career is still charging ahead in full speed. The Fayetteville rapper and songwriter took no time off after the release of his breakout single, “Quicksand,” earlier in 2020. Since then, he has secured four more million-plus music videos, with “Big Decisions” hitting the milestone in just under a week. Morray is tapping into something special, with his melodic voice and his meaningful lyrics, and 2021 is looking like his year.


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