Mortal Prophets shared their latest EP, “Sleeping in My Bed”

John Beckmann, the acclaimed songwriter behind Mortal Prophets, has just released their latest EP called “Sleeping in My Bed”. This new work promises to be just as exciting as their previous hit, “Dealey Plaza Blues”.

Beckmann’s songwriting skills are on full display in “Sleeping in My Bed”. Each of the six songs on the EP blends elements of Americana and soulful blues, resulting in an enchanting musical experience.

The EP starts with “Bury Them Deep”, a song with a haunting melody and cinematic atmosphere. The title track, “Sleeping in My Bed”, is sultry and will keep you hooked. Other songs on the EP, like “Tom Waits in Drag” and “Hell or High Water”, will take you on a journey of raw emotions and existential yearning.

Mortal Prophets’ latest masterpiece is a collaborative effort that features talented musicians like Aoibheann Carey-Philpott, Jon Cobert, Danny Flam, Gordon Ashe, Matthew Carter, Will Wilde, and William D. Lucey. It was produced and mixed by William D. Lucey at LeftBank Studios in Cork, Ireland.

In short, “Sleeping in My Bed” is a fearless and exciting approach to modern pop music, showcasing the exceptional songwriting skills of John Beckmann and the talented musicians behind Mortal Prophets.

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